Tormenta in Hof Theater - Kreuzberg - BE
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45 Menschen

Tormenta in Hof Theater

Datum: Freitag, 06 von Dezember von 2013 23h00
City: Kreuzberg
Lokal: Hoftheater Kreuzberg
Straße: Naunynstraße 63

Please join me on December 6 and 7 for the Berlin premiere of Tormenta in Hof Theater!!!

A storm comes into being from the meeting of opposing energies. A dance of thunder and lighting, this dynamic interaction awakens an emotional response. Tormenta harnesses the transformative power of a storm, dissecting its elements to depict the struggle to find one's position in relation to other forces. This personal storm set in motion through the encounter of two bodies produces a friction that grows in intensity as each body searches for its individual strength. Flitting in and out of electric and thunderous dialogue, a composition appears out of the chaos. Beginning with a discordant crash that diminishes as it drifts away, the cycle begins again.

Choreographed and performed by Anna Natt and Swaantje Gieskes

Music composed by Sergio Vasquez Carillo

Spende: 8/10 €